What is Augmented Reality?

What do you mean by Augmented Reality?

An immersive technology that superimposes a computer-generated image atop physical surfaces or objects within the globe once viewed by the user through associate degree AR device like AR glass, holo lens, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Now allow us to perceive the definition of increased reality from a layman’s perspective

Augmented reality is associate degree immersive digital expertise within which digital objects or snippets are placed on high of real-world objects of environments. the data is enriched with the assistance of information that flows to the device through the web. Since the imagination or knowledge that’s placed on the real-world geographical region is increased, the technology is spoken of as increased reality.

How did increased Reality become therefore fashionable in recent years? the reality is increased Reality isn’t a recently created technology. it’s been around since the Nineties. In fact, Boeing has been mistreatment AR in its factories for planning electronic equipment in airplanes. AR mostly remained associate degree enterprise-grade technology as a result of it needed giant computing resources that weren’t offered for domestic shoppers.

However, in recent years with the huge surge in computing power in mobile phones and private computers, AR has become a shopper technology. Strides in knowledge property and cloud computing are completely influencing factors that have crystal rectifier to the fast adoption of immersive technologies like increased Reality.
Augmented reality uses a bunch of technologies like laptop vision, geo-location, concurrent localization, and depth pursuit among several others. These technologies create it doable to place digital media atop physical objects. These technologies capture period of time imagination, render it and transfer them to the servers wherever AR content is hosted, blend them along and serve them to the end-user.

Sounds intriguing? Let’s break it down with associate degree example.

Let’s take the instance of a digital image of the Chocos box image. currently AR will create this box seem superimposed on any physical surface or object. for instance, on a board, on a couch, on a extended the palm then on?

The AR app uses the user’s device camera to capture the period of time physical setting. laptop vision (which is usually motor-assisted by psychological feature computing technologies like computing & Machine Learning) captures the user’s real-time geographical region. Technologies like geo-location concurrent localization and depth pursuit live the assorted dimensions within which the image has got to be obligatory. while not these technologies, the digital image can seem distorted and out of proportion once they are placed in real-life environments.

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