What are User-defined functions? in python |Syntax |Examples

What are functions?

A function is a block of statements that can be used repeatedly in our code. Saves our time.

Types of functions

There are some built-in functions that are part of Python.

Alternatively, we can define tasks according to our needs.

User-defined functions

For simple understanding, we can stitch our own clothes for our convenience python allows you to create such types of functions and they are named User-defined functions


 def function_name(argument_1, argument_2, ...) :

Syntax explanation

here we created a function with

  1. def keyword
  2. unique function name
  3. passing arguments
  4. condition statements for our needs

now the question is

How to call functions in python

function_name(arg_1, arg_2)
Argument operations:


we can call a function by using the function name, with parameters passed inside the parenthesis.

Simple example for python function

def avg_num(p, q):
    print("Average of ",p," and ",q, " is ",(p+q)/2)
avg_num(5, 6)


Average of  5  and  6  is  5.5

Code Explanation

  • Line 1
    • created a function using def keyword
    • named the function as “avg_num”
    • passed parameters p and q
  • Line 2
    • to display the parameters and the calculated output we’re using print builtin function
    • providing our condition for average as (p+q)/2
  • Line 3
    • calling the function using the functions created unique name and passing the values to the parameters

We can also call a function without arguments


def function_name() :

We can also use Return function to get a processed values from our statements

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