What Is The Oracle Database And It’s Important Editions

Oracle database


The oracle database was founded by Larry Ellison with Bob Minnor and Ed Outes. In the beginning the company name was Software Development Libraries in 1977. In the present situation it is called Oracle Corporation.

What is Oracle Architecture ?

There are three major structures in oracle server architecture, memory structures, process structures and storage structures. A basic oracle database system consists of an oracle database and a database instance. The database consist of both Physical structures and logical structures.

How Many Names It Has ?

In Ancient days it was called Relational Database Manage System.

Now days,it has the name of Multi Model Database Management System because it supports all relational and non relational documents

Four Important Edison

  • Standard Edison
  • Enterprise Edison
  • Express / Lite Edison
  • Personal Edison

Standard Edison

Basic Functionally without must advanced features, Suited For Work Group, Department and Web App.

Enterprise Edison

  • Full set of data base features
  • For minion critical enterprise and internet app.

Express / Lite Edison

  • Simple Application
  • Mobile Application

Personal Edison

  • All features except Race and Mgnt packs
  • Single uses app on Linux and windows.

Types Of Oracle Database SQL statements

  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Transaction Control Language (TCL)
  • Session Control Statements (Session)
  • System Control Statements
  • Embedded SQL Statements

About Data Definition Language (DDL) Statement:

  • Create Statements
  • Alter Statements
  • Get information
  • Access Information

About Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statement:

  • Insert Statement
  • Update Statement
  • Delete Statement

About Transaction Control Language (TCL) Statement:

  • Roll Back
  • Safe Point
  • Set Transaction

About Data Control Statements (DCS)

  • Grant
  • Revoke

About Session Control Statement:

  • Alter Session
  • Set Role

About System Control Statement:

  • Alter System

About Embedded SQL Statements:

Club of queries

  • DDL
  • DML
  • TCS

Advantages Of Oracle Database

  • High Availability
  • Cost Effective
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Adopting Latest Trends
  • Data base security
  • Data base manageability
  • Application development
  • Analytics and Ware housing
  • Data base cloud service
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