Must have skills to be a developer

If you are a computer science student or doing a course to become a software engineer or a software developer, there are some technical skills you need to have to become a good programmer. Technology is vast and there are so many tools, platforms, languages coming out in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced programmer or a newbie programmer. As a developer you should

As a modern developer you should have knowledge that how to integrate the modern technologies and other technical stuff in your work to make a good product or software.

In this article, we will discuss some important technical skills you should have as a developer or if you are planning to become a good developer.

1. Data Structures and Algorithms

Yes. I too hate it. But it is very very important to have a good knowledge in data structures and algorithms, if you want to be a software engineer. If you are concentrating to place on a big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Accenture, etc. You must have a good knowledge and understanding in this concept.

2. Programming Languages

Programming languages play an important role in software systems. If you have no experience in any of the programming languages, then JavaScript, C++ or Python will be a great start. For a software developer, it doesn’t matter on top languages. Learning different languages are for different uses. Once you’ve learned any one of the programming languages, you can switch to any language you want.

3. Version Control System

It is important to know about softwares like Git. It will be very useful when you are working on group or team projects. So if you want to be a good software engineer, it is essential to know about version control system. Mostly, all companies use version control system to keep track of project versions for efficiency.

4. Text Editors

If you’ve started to learn any programming language or if you have learnt one, you will probably know about text editors. Every programmers journey begins with text editors. No matter you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert. My personal preference is Visual Studio Code. However, there are many other text editors like Sublime text, Notepad++, Atom, etc. Visual Studio code is built by Microsoft developers and it has a huge community of developers growing daily. Nevertheless, explore many text editors and select which suits you.

5. Different OS platforms

When a software is developed, it must be made to work on different platforms like Android, Windows, Mac-OS and Linux. So that we could have a large number of users and developers. It should be designed in order to accept all platforms. No matter if you’re a beginner, it is good to have a cross platform knowledge.

6. Microsoft Excel

Never underestimate Excel tools. You ca think that you may have a knowledge in excel. I too had the same thought. But there are many things to learn from Excel. A friend of mine, concentrated only in Microsoft Excel who have no experience in programming languages, got placed in IT sector. Yes, he only know Excel and no other programming languages or cross platform knowledge. Definitely, he didn’t be a software engineer. But in other field.

Final Thoughts

Don’t think it is a hard process to learn. If you love what you are doing, it will be interesting and easy to learn. If you find this article useful, share it with your friends and colleagues who will find this useful.

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