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Did you ever have to experience anything like your laptop battery failing you when you needed it the most to stay alive & thereby you lost a deal or faced some serious problems? If you did then you sure had to curse your battery a bit. But all you can do is to take some measures to ensure that it does not happen next time.

Here are some tips that can help you make your laptop battery a bit more reliable.

1. the first thing that you might do to  prolong the battery life of your laptop is to defrag your laptop regularly. As apple offers a better handle fragmentation so Apple users may not need this tip.

2. the monitor power should be made dim. As it will save the battery energy that might serve you at the moment of severe necessity.

3. the number of active programs that are not being used should be closed. You might run a number of programs at a time but running every program kills the energy of your battery. So closing down the unnecessary programs will help your laptop battery.

4. USB devices are a well known machine to kill your battery. Devices like mouse & WI-fi can eat up a lot of energy. Also do not charge mp3 players or ipods when your laptop is running solely on the battery.

5. You might think about increasing your RAM. This is a good idea because with increased RAM your laptop will be able to process the information using the laptop memory instead of using the virtual memory. When virtual memory is used it decreases the efficiency of the hard drive so it takes longer for the laptop to process the data & kills the battery life

6. CD & DVD drives consume a lot of your battery life. Just having a CD or a DVD inside your laptop can use a lot of battery power. So instead of using optical programs you should opt for virtual programs like Alcohol 120% as much as you can.

7. try to clean the battery contracts & keep it free from dust. Use alcohol to clean the metal contracts as it will make the battery more efficient.

8. Use a charged battery & ensure that it does not stay idle. If you are using a Li-on battery then make sure that it never gets completely charge less. Only the older batteries with memory can let to be charge less

9. Always opt to use the hibernate function instead of standby; hibernate mode helps your battery to save a lot of energy & if shut down then next time it will start from right where you left.

10. Ensure a cool temperature for your laptop both internally & externally. Try to use an air conditioned place to operate your laptop & get great cooling tips at

11. to avail the most of the power options you should go to the control panel  & select the “Max Battery” option.

12. Always arty to avoid using multiple programs while you are working only with your battery. Try to stick to only one program at a time. If you use a lot of different programs then you might end up with a dead battery before you are done with any of the programs.

13. Always try to ask as less as possible from your laptop. Gamming & watching a movie more often might just prove to be a bad idea for your laptop. So if your battery is all you have then choose correctly.

14. Replace your old laptop with a new model that is more energy friendly. Some manufactures are even offering batteries that last all day. Purchasing a newer more efficient laptop in place of an older one is a quick fix.

15. If you have an old laptop with memory effect battery then you will have to protect it by first fully charging & then fully discharging the battery at least once every three weeks.

Hope the ways narrated above will help you taking care of your laptop battery.

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