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Know about sixth Sense technology: In general, we use our five senses see, hear, taste, smell and feel to interact with the world. An additional sense that would help us to interact with the digital world by our hand gestures is the sixth sense technology.

Steve mann is the father of xth sense technology because of his first wearable computer in 1990. Later Pranav Mistry, a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab developed a wearable gestural interface device. That gestural interface device is termed the sixth sense.

This sixth sense technology has the capability of turning any surface into a touch screen by our gestures. The sixth sense technology works by hardware components coupled in a pendant mobile wearable interface.

Pranav mistry using sixth sense

The components of Sixth Sense Technology are

  • Camera
  • Projector
  • Colored markers
  • Mobile components
  • Mirror

How the components work:

The camera acts like a digital eye. Coloured markers are attached to fingertips. Accordingly, the camera, mirror and projector are connected wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled smartphone which can easily fit into our pockets. The camera is used to recognize images and gestures of our hands. Here, gestures act as instructions. Later this information is sent to the Smartphone for processing. Then the projector projects the image on the mirror. It reflects an image on our desired surface of the physical world. By fingertips moments of the index finger, we can draw on any surface.

Applications of sixth sense technology:

If we frame our thumbs and index fingers into a square, it will take pictures within our frame. We can even resize them by sixth sense.

  • The sixth sense can be used to make a call by displaying a virtual keypad on our palm or at the desired surface.
  • Reviews and other related information regarding the book can be displayed.
  • The sixth sense can be programmed to project the related videos onto newspapers that we are reading.
  • Draw a circle on your wrist to get a virtual watch that gives us the correct time just like a real watch.
  • Arrival time, departure time Or delay time of plane can be viewed on our ticket.
  • Mapping features like zooming in, zooming out of the map is possible by sixth sense wa ith map on the desired surface.
  • The sixth sense can display the information of product we picked like expiry date, manufacturer details etc.
Applications of Sixth Sense Technology

Therefore,this technology may lead to emergence of new devices and hence forth new markets may evolve.

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