Introduction to GIT – Where do we use it?

What is GIT?

The famous creator of Linux OS kernel, Linus Torvalds, developed the version control system called GIT. GIT is the most popular version control system in the world. Top software companies rely upon GIT, including commercial projects you know why? Because of it’s security and it’s absolutely free. GIT is one of the most essential to become a software developer or to be an IT specialist.

What type of version is GIT? As it is having a distributed architecture, it is called as distributed version control system. Without using a same main source code, GIT allows us to use a copy without affecting the original data. So, if you’re working on a group project, everyone in the group will get their own copy to make changes.


GIT makes a great difference when it comes to performance, with their alternatives. How does it’s algorithm work? The algorithm is made in a way, such that committing new changes, merging, comparing past versions and branching are done very carefully. GIT’s algorithm has a deep knowledge in recognizing common attributes of real source file trees, as they are modified over time and what the access patterns are.

GIT is very well aware of names, storage and version history when compared to its alternatives. It focuses on the file content. The source files are frequently rearranged, removed, added, renamed and changed. So, the GIT is made in the way to recognize those differences.


With Git, you can have a authentication to your code. Many of its alternatives don’t provide this feature, so it is a plus. Git manages your source code with high priority. Git uses hashing algorithm called SHA1 to protect your software source code.


Main key design objective of Git is flexibility. Git supports various kinds of nonlinear development workflows. For both small and larger projects. Git has been designed to support branching and tagging as excellent voters (unlike SVN) and operations that have an effect on branches and tags (such as merging or reverting) are keep as a part of the modification history. Not all version management systems feature this level of chase.

Version Control with Git

Some of the main reasons why every software management team should use Git over others:

Git is Good

Functionality, performance, security and flexibility of Git are the key features every developer team will need. On comparing the above features with Git to its competitors, Git wins.

A common Disadvantage of Git

Git can be hard to learn. Those who are not from computer science background. Some of the terminology of Git can be hard for them. Even I found hard when I was learning it. But I’m pretty sure it’s worth it. Learning Git may take some time, but once you’ve learnt it, you are good to go. It is very useful when you start to develop a software with your team.

Now you’ve understand what is version control and what is Git. Hope you understood well, in the next article we will see about how to install Git in your system.

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