Become an Instructor

How to become an Instructor:

  1. Fill your correct information.
  2. Read and accept our policies.
  3. Submit your application.
  4. Within the next 24 hours. You will get a mail regarding your instructor status.

What are our expectations?

  1. There should be no external noise in your videos.
  2. Language is not the concern. You can create courses in any language of your choice.
  3. No, personal or brand promotions in the videos. Once it is reported to us- your course will be removed immediately.
  4. You can’t sell this course at a price lower than this on any other channels or forums.
  5. You can’t upload any derogatory things on your course.
  6. You are liable for your course content. It should not give appreciation to wrong ethics, racism or body-shaming in anyway.


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