How will our Home look like in 20 years – Future of Technology

In your dream, you hear the same alarm sound. Is it really a dream? You wake and see, it’s really the alarm. Why is it buzzing at 4? Cuz you’ve planned to go for a trip to Texas. How does the alarm know about my plan? Obviously, it scanned your calendar and changed accordingly. Your favorite Smoothy is getting ready for you. Your Tesla car is charged by solar charger. With the same excitement let’s look into our future lives.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A decade from now, we’ll completely switch into sensor based technology. What is sensor based technology? For example, the light will switch on automatically even it’s 3:00 pm but it’s dark. There will be no switches to turn on or off. There will be a huge development is robotics sector, which helps us in cooking, cleaning and what not. Exciting!!! Isn’t it? Yes. I can’t wait to experience it. As of now, we all know about Alexa, Google and Siri. You may even heard about a robot named Sophia got citizenship to live in a country.

Technology in Different types of Fields

You should’ve guessed by now, what I’m going to say. Obviously, it’s Tesla. Self driving cars is one of the greatest inventions of Elon Musk got peak in this decade. Almost everything these days is digitally connected …whether reception or on the go. Connected technology saves you time with everything from good phones to good homes! Tech fashion skilled Carley Knobloch has partnered with and 4 brands for a glance at some nice good technical school. First a laptop computer may be a must! Created for today’s mobile multi-taskers, the skinny and lightweight Yoga C630 combines the facility and productivity.

High-powered by Qualcomm’s flower 850 Mobile cypher Platform. The Yoga C630 gets up to twenty two hours of native video playback and options a natural pen-on-paper expertise on its spirited thirteen. 3-inch FHD IPS touchscreen show with optional Lenovo Pen and Windows Ink. Next, to remain connected reception, Orbi Voice may be a good speaker integrated with Amazon voice assistant, Alexa. It additionally options premium audio technology, making unimaginable room-filling sound from the audio specialists at Harman Kardon.

More about Voice Assistant

Alexa makes it straightforward to play music from the foremost widespread streaming services, management different IoT devices, check traffic, weather, so way more – without having a separate device. It’s actually associate innovative leap, and therefore the begin of a trend expected to accelerate within the 5G era.Smart product also can facilitate keep families safe. hearth is obtaining quicker, however you’ll get ahead by putting in Kidde Wire-Free Interconnect Smoke Alarms in your home. Kidde’s new interconnect alarm answer offers exceptional safety edges while not the effort of hardwiring or a Wi-Fi affiliation. The interconnect technology helps warn you to a hearth in spite of wherever you’re in your home. once one alarm senses a hazard, all interconnected alarms sound throughout the house. The alarm additionally comes with a sealed 10-year battery, that you don’t need to worry regarding dynamical alarms batteries. merely replace the whole alarm when ten years.

The bar is simple to put in, with a fast affiliation to in-home WiFi, creating it even additional convenient for householders to possess secure, remote access management. The intrinsical Wi-Fi technology eliminates the requirement for an extra hub and permits users to set-up and manage the lock via the Schlage Home or Key by Amazon apps. This suggests users will lock and unlock their bar, monitor the lock’s standing, and send virtual keys to trustworthy friends and family, all from the convenience of their smartphone. Householders will produce up to one hundred distinctive guest access codes for temporary, continual or permanent access.


This data, in conjunction with the lock’s activity, is tracked and monitored inside the app, giving householders bigger peace of mind. Through the Schlage Home app, users also can combine their bar with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Once managing the lock via the Key app, users will get pleasure from compatibility with different platforms like Amazon Cloud Cam, Ring video bell and cameras, and Alexa.

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