How to improve battery life | long-lasting battery

want to know the answers to these questions??

Do you charge your phone more than two times a day?

Will you change the battery for your wall clock frequently?

Is your laptop battery draining fast?

Will electric cars be the future !!!

to answer all these questions let us dive into this technology STAY WITH ME!


This technology is currently being tested, which when released to the public, would be the long-awaited power conversion.  

This new technology promises to be safer and more efficient than anything we have in the market right now. 

It will affect what we consider to be power tools – like Electrical tools, toys, laptops, smartphones 

We have known about this technology for hundreds of years, but so far we have been able to take small steps in their approach.


Yeah, it is targeting innovation in the field of battery technology, especially those of solid-state batteries. development and investment in solid-state objects have skyrocketed over the years.


There is one important difference between our current batteries and batteries for a solid state which is an electrolyte.

Difference between the conventional and solid electrolyte

Current lithium-ion batteries have a liquid electrolyte. Unfortunately, certain compounds present in liquid electrolytes allow the growth of crystalline structures known as dendrites.

Dendrites produce a long, sharp beard that can pierce the divider and cause short circuits, leading to dangerous explosions may be. As their name suggests, solid-state batteries have a strong electrolyte that prevents the growth of these harmful dendrites. the electrolyte will be changing from Liquid to Solid.ITS


Worst of all, electric cars today have a limited driving range. An average electric car will receive a range of 250-300 miles (402-483 km) at full price.

Fully charging the car takes anywhere from an hour to 17 hours depending on whether the car is charging at the station or using the normal location at home

The driving range of electric cars doubles or triples the current price. Companies can choose between making a small, light battery that charges quickly or that leaves the battery in the widest range. Charging times, too, were reduced to just 15 minutes. If we look at Samsung’s progress in solid-state batteries we can see that they have been able to make a battery that can be charged and discharged more than 1,000 times over 500 distances (805 km) per charge. This is a battery life of 500,000 miles. And all of us while being able to work well at extremely strong temperatures.



which companies are investing in this technololgy?

which billionare is intrested in this technology?

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