What is Frontend development?

Frontend development is used for making layout of website. Suppose we have to make websites then we will make layout then make style. Then we will put logic that will help for interaction with user.We use some languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

HTML: Html is used for making layout of web page.

CSS: CSS is used for styling website. For Example, if we want to color the tab or page and we can add image.

JavaScript: JavaScript is used to put logic in website. Suppose if we want to login then inserted data will be stored using JavaScript.

Explaination: If we want to built car then first we will first design the layout of car. Then we will make styles on cars and then we will add engine for starting a car. Similarly, If we want to make layout of website we will use Html and for designing we will use CSS. JavaScript acts as engine for website.

Frameworks: Libraries like jQuery are part of JavaScript. It reduces common operations that require numerous lines of JS code into a structure. JavaScript framework like Angular helps developers offer highly-performance and fast applications.

Some frameworks are: Angular, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, ASP.NET, etc.

Command Line: The graphical user interface (GUI) is an important aspect of web development and coding. However, for some applications, an all purpose GUI will have its limitations.

Web Performance: HTML, CSS and JavaScript are three basic tools used in frontend development. Image optimization, CSS and JS minification, and other web performance tasks may be automated with tools like Grunt and gulp. It contributes to the efficiency of our website.

Soft skills/ Non-technical Skills: Creativity, Teamwork, Problem-solving.

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