What is Frontend development?

Websites are made using Frontend development .Server as well as client both can see front page which is made using Frontend development. Front end development is used for layout of webgPage and website.

The challenge associated with frontend development is that the tools and techniques which is used to create the frontend of a website.

Language used for frontend language

HTML: HTML is used for designing page. It works as a skeleton for webpage.

CSS: Styling of page is done using CSS. For e.g. Coloring button. Colour words, background color, background image, Marquee etc. It works as styling the skeleton.

JAVASCRIPT: For giving logic to webpage, we can use javascript. It works as giving life to skeleton.

Tools used:

Chrome DevTools, HTML5 Boilerplate, Sass, AngularJS, jQuery, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, Typescript, NPM (Node Package Manager), Grunt.

How to develop webpage using Frontend development?

First plan goal and design about webpage. You can use platform such as VS code for coding. Use Html for layout of webgPage and then use Css for styling. You can Use Framework like Angular 12. Use javascript to put logic in webpage due to which you will be able to access the webpage.

After creating website or webpage you can upload your project on GitHub.

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