(Extensible Mobile App Debugger)

This is a platform for debugging apps. Visualize, inspect, and control your apps from A easy computing device. Use Flipper as is or increase it using the plugin API.

What is Flipper?

Flipper is a highly extensible mobile app debugger for IOS, Android, and other native apps. It lets you inspect control and visualize your application right on your desktop. It has a long list of must-have tools for debugging like log viewer interactive layout inspector and network inspector.

The great feature of this platform is that it’s built as a platform in a manner. That you may create your own plugins. To visualize and debug data specific to your mobile apps. And it was open source in early 2018.

Here at Facebook we use it extensively with many plugins developed for use cases. Like setting up mobile builds or collecting crash analytics while projects like React-native. Are shipped with first-class support for this platform.

Numerous popular open-source projects have created flipper plugins like redux or litho. To learn more about this platform visit their website. It has documentation and tutorials to get you began with the project.

But the most important advantage of Flipper. That differs it from alternative debugging tools is the plugin library. That permits you to put in plugins directly from the Flipper interface and extend its capabilities. You will be able to build your additional plugins and share them. 

Functions of flipper

Crash report – Logs from crashes.

Logs – (which incorporates logs from JS and native logs while there is no requirement to launch Xcode Studio)

Layout – the equivalent of element browser from Chrome correct console.

Network – helps you to browse all of your incoming/outgoing network requests.

Shared Preferences Viewer – this helps you to read and edit shared preferences.

Hermes Debugger – debugger for Android apps using Hermes

React DevTools – whole React DevTools as a plugin within Flipper.

If you like to install several different plugins you might need using plugins. It permits you to browse your install plugins, removing them change or adding new ones.


  1. node >= 8
  2. yarn >= 1.5
  3. iOS developer tools (for developing iOS plugins).
  4. Android SDK and adb.

What can’t I do with Flipper?

As you saw in the previous section, Flipper covers tons. You will suppose you won’t want to debug your application. But unfortunately Flipper is missing a feature. That’s ordinarily used in debugging applications: adding breakpoints. That’s right, Flipper ignores any debug calls in your code. And I haven’t been ready to find a plugin that include this feature.

This can be one issue that means I won’t move totally to Flipper and uninstall the reverse tools. One workaround is to Feature console Log calls all over. But it can be a cumbersome and impractical solution.

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