EVENT TECHNOLOGY and Its Trends: What is an event technology?

• EVENT TECHNOLOGY and It’s Trends: Event technology is part of everyday life, and it is very important for an event management

• Modern era, event planners and event customers use technology for their events

• By using event technology can revolutionize your event into memorable and successful events


Why it is important?

• Planning or a handover of memorable events

• Manage events risks and reduce wastage

• Can make the profitable event and can achieve some other tasks easily

• Can got positive and negative feedbacks quickly

• By using technology can hold effective and efficiency events

• Can reduce time and its help to the time management


Event Technology Trends: EVENT TECHNOLOGY and It’s Trends

Mobile Apps & Event Apps

• Nowadays, most people used smart mobile phones

• Connecting with more people in a short period

• Best way to build up and apply marketing strategies

• Increase communication with attending events by using these.

• Can use for online registration and on-site registration. It

Holograms: EVENT TECHNOLOGY and Its Trends

• Now a day, holograms are used to givemessagese to a attendees

• By using this can show 3D animation, photos and video clips

• Special thing is by using this can increase the size of the show real

• These is ECO-friendly products

Wearable Devices: EVENT TECHNOLOGY and Its Trends

• Wearable devices are helping to keep track of the attendees

• By installing GPS for wearable devices can guide event attendees

• Can give quick messages and voice messages and get fast feedback

• If it is a sporting event can calculate or measure various kinds of things

VR and AR

• Turning immersive views into event mainstream

• Increasing the popularity of virtual venues

• Elevating products presentation

• Can make a memorable event by using these

Video Mapping: EVENT TECHNOLOGY and It’s Trends

• Can add VJ’s for video walls

• Can make videos as a promotion, advertisement or a CR (curtain raiser)

• By using video mapping can manage video for a suitable place or can establish a compatible way

Social Media’s: EVENT TECHNOLOGY and Its Trends

• Can establish event registration through social media

• Social media is key in any event

• Create a filter for an event and watch client group together

• Can use for an event marketing and promotional campaign

• Now a day can measure likes, views and feedbacks

Live Streaming: EVENT TECHNOLOGY and Its Trends

• Event planners invest more in live stream

• And mobile and PCs can set event live streaming

• Live stream is open to anyone because of that reason visitors can join with events

• Can market events easily


• Have various kinds of drones and various kind of drone cameras

• Capture event from a bird’s eye view using drone cameras

• Can use it to live stream video and photos

• Can use for a small logistics transportation service

Fog Screen & Water Projection

• Can create a performance of images with using this

• As well as, include entertainment in these

• Touch and interact with the images

LED Bracelets

• This technology removes the barrier between the audience and the stage

• Creating a truly unique and immersive experience

• Increasing brand loyalty

Kinetic Energy Walkway

• One of the unique additional ways to the event

• These are environmentally friendly and used electricity power

• These interactive tiles convert the kinetic energy from footsteps or dancing steps

Advantages of event technology

• Quality of works

• Save data and can analyze data easily

• For fast communication with other people

• Makes information easier and faster to get

• Some process was carried through event technology

• Can give a sense of realization

• Make a great platform for the event

• Makes various kinds of job roles

Disadvantages of event technology

• Loss jobs and increase employees of the organization

• It is too expensive

• Lack of privacy

• People become lazy

• Maintenance facilities and their cost

• Wastage of some other equipment

• Wastage of electricity (electricity power is used for a lot of technologies)

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