What is Data?

Data is information or content stored in database.

What is Database?

Database is a computer based record keeping system. It is used to record, maintain and retrieve data. We can store our data and information in database.

What is DBMS?

A Database Management System is a collection of interrelated files. It is set of programs which allows users to access and modify files.

Three layer architecture of DBMS:

External view: It is how user view it.

Conceptual view: It is how DBA view it.

The internal view: Internal view is how the data is stored.

Working of DBMS:

Database stores data. DBMS uses mechanism to get data from the database. Application programs talk to DBMS and it asks for the required data. Database designer designs the database. It installs the DBMS for use by the users of the database in any specific organization.

Environment of an organisation the database Administrator takes over the charge. It perform specific DBA related activities which includes:

Database maintenance, Database Backup, Monitoring of running jobs and Managing Print jobs.

Users of DBMS:

Database Administrator(DBA)

Management of information

Liaison with users

Database backup and recovery

Monitoring database performance

Database designers: Database designers design the database components

Application programmers: Application programmers write programs to access or insert or update or delete data from or to database.

End users: End users use DBMS

Advantages of DBMS:

It is helpful to reiterate our data definition.

It reduces data redundancy

Better data consistency

Better Data Integration

Data Independence

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