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Learn Android Development – From Zero to Hero Complete Masterclass

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Become an Android Developer – Specially Designed for Beginners

  • Learn Native Android Development
  • Hands-on ( We believe in Practical Knowledge)
  • Master android development
  • Build a Grasp on app creation
  • 100% Practical Live Classes
  • 1:1 Interaction
  • Doubt Clearance
  • Recordings will be available- in case you miss the sessions

Day 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Native Android Development.
  • Introduction to basics of Kotlin.

Day 2: Dice Roller App

  • Creating your first app 
    • Dice Roller App

Day 3:

  • Introduction to views and layouts

Day 4: Designing

  • Creating XML part of the app
    • Exploring different views in detail
      • CardView
      • ImageView
      • TextView
      • EditTextView

Day 5:

  • Creating XML part of the app (Continued)
    • Learning about references
    • Styles

Day 6:

  • Introduction to Fragments and Navigation Component Library

Day 7:

  • Passing data between fragments
  • Transition Animation
  • Learning DataBinding and Lottie Animations

Day 8:

  • Implementing Recycler View (Part 1)

Day 9:

  • Implementing Recycler View (Part 2)

Day 10: FireBase

  • Introduction to Firebase
    • Various services are provided by firebase.
    • Creating a project on Firebase and connecting the app.
    • Adding firebase auth in the app.

Day 11: NoSQL DataBase

  • Introduction to firestore and implementation in the app.
  • Understanding the NoSQL database

Day 12:

  • Uploading and downloading images from firestore
  • Uploading and downloading data from firestore

Day 13:

  • Saving user’s data on firestore in cab booking app.

Day 14:

  • Displaying user’s data from firestore in cab booking app.

Day 15:

  • Adding Splash screen and Icon to the App
  • And completion of final steps of the app.


  • Anyone can join the course.

About the Instructor:

Hi, I am Yuvraj. I am an android developer. My experiences include:

  • Native android development: Kotlin, Java, Android, XML, MVVM Architecture, ROOM DB, Firebase, JetPack, Material Design
  • Backend development: JS, Node, Express
  • Programming Skills: C, C++, Java, Python, Kotlin, JavaScript, SQL
  • Others: Team Management, Tech Consulting, Entrepreneurial skills



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