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Build a Twitter UI Clone using React JS

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Course Overview

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React uses an HTML-in-JavaScript syntax called JSX (JavaScript and XML). Let’s build a UI clone of our favorite Microblogging App – Twitter. We’ll learn all the concepts about React JS like:

Day 1

  •  Getting Started with Git & GitHub
  • Basics of Front End and Responsiveness
  • JavaScript ES6 Basics

Day 2

  • Environmental Setup
  • React JS & JSX
  • Components with States & Props

Day 3

  • Planning of the App
  • Learning by Doing
  • Using Bootstrap with React
  • Creating Bootstrap based React Components

Day 4

  • Class Components vs. Functional Components
  • States vs. Props & Passing Data

Day 5

  • Conditional Rendering & Controlled Components
  • MultiUser Interface
  • Fetching & Manipulating Data

Day 6

  • Using Axios & Fetch for fetching data via Service Calls
  •  Learning about Different CSS Rendering Techniques

Day 7

  • Finishing Final  Product – Twitter Clone using React JS
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