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Build a Facebook Clone using React JS

Course Access: 30 days access
Course Overview


  1. Basics of React JS Development & Intro to JSX
  2. Setting up your Dev Env with the right extensions
  3. Different types of React Components & Use Cases
  4. Introduction to SCSS & Why SCSS instead of CSS
  5. States & Props and On Demand with React Hooks
  6. Axios & Service Calls ~ Data Flow & Conditional Rendering
  7. Forms & Controlled Components
  8. Wiring up everything together as a Twitter UI Clone
  9. Deploying our Entire App to the Cloud using GitHub Pages
  1. I am new here but I hope that you will teach teach me so clearly that there will be no difficulty for me

  2. I am new here i hope you will teach me a new things which i dont know.

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