What is C Programming Language?

C is procedure Oriented Programming Language. It contains function named main() in which user used to write program. If we create and pointer reference it is necessary to call it in the function main() for execution.

C Programming

There are two type of functions:

1.Library function 2. User defined function

1.Library function: User require some library files.

2.User defined functions: Programmer creates the function according to requirement.

Keywords: Words wih predefined meaning for compiler. There are 32 keywords. Eg. if, else, break, switch, etc.

Identifier: user gives name to variable, constant or function.

Variable: Variable is container which store value. If we take variable ‘x’ and ‘X’ then both are different variables. Therefore, C language is case sensitive.

Constants: Value which will never change. For example, value of Pi is always 3.14.

Data Type: Data type will decides number of bytes, type of value the variable will take and range.

Primary Data type : int, float, char.

Derived Data type : long, unsigned, double, etc.

Secondary Data type: arrays, structures, etc.

Void type: If function does not belong to any type then we will use void type.

Structures and Unions:

The struct keyword allows us to create record style data. For example, if we need to define a new data type to store names, we might create it with:

typedef struct student

{ char name[20];

int age;}stud;

stud s1;

Union is derived data type which is a collection of dissimilar basic data type. For example:

union Nametag {

int x;

float f; char arr[30];



C language is used to make computer application.

Used to write embedded software.

It is used for Operating system

To develop games

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