Blue brain first virtual brain can transfer yourself into computer

The human brain is God’s most precious creation. Brain is the only reason for man to term himself as intelligent. Today we have evolved because we can think, other animals cannot. But when man destroys the body after death we lose the consciousness of the brain. Betterment of human society may have been done with that knowledge. What happens if we create the brain and load the contents of the natural brain into it.In 30 years, we will be able to scan ourselves into computers that’s possible by blue brain the first virtual brain.


IBM, in collaboration with Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) Brain and Mind Institute scientists, begins to mimic the biological systems of the brain and recreate high-speed electro-chemical interactions as a working 3-dimensional model.

first virtual brain

Blue Brain is the name of the world’s first virtual brain. That is, a machine that can function as the human brain.After the person dies, the virtual brain functions as a human being. Therefore, even after a person dies we can use that person’s knowledge, intelligence, feelings and memories that can be used for development of human society.

No one understands the complexity of the human brain. It is more complex than any circuitry in the world. So, the question may arise, is it really possible to create a human brain? The answer is yes. Because what man has created today is that he has always followed nature.

Today scientists are in the process of creating an artificial brain that can think, respond, make decisions and put anything into memory. The main goal is to upload the human brain into the machine. So man can think, can make a decision without any effort. After the body dies, the virtual brain functions as a human being.

Here’s the detail of how the data is uploaded

Nanobots are small robots that help in uploading the information. These robots are small enough to travel through our circulatory system. Traveling into the spine and brain, they can monitor the activity and structure of our central nervous system. They can provide an interface with computers that are close to our minds as we live in our biological form.

Nanobots can also carefully scan our brain structure, providing a complete readout of connections. When this information enters the computer, it can continue to function as we do. In this way the data stored in the whole brain is uploaded to the computer. So brain and knowledge, intelligence can be kept and used forever even after the death of the person.

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