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Internship is something which most of you will be familiar with. Before you apply for a job it is important to gain some work experience. Many companies offer students to gain this valuable work experience. An internship is a work opportunity offered by companies and other firms for people-usually students, to get some exposure to a particular job-type. Intern gain skills and knowledge by working for a company for a short period of time. Transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and computer proficiency may also be obtained in an internship. People or students who apply for internship are called interns. Interns spend their time working on relevant projects, learning about the working of company, and developing skills. Internship is paid or un-paid. Interns are provided with Certification, letter of recommendation and goodies. Internships sometimes can even lead to full time job offer. There are numerous other benefits of Internship.


Internships are mainly of two types based on weather intern is getting paid for his work or not. If for the work that an intern do he is getting paid by the firm or company. This type of internship is called paid internship. Un-paid internship is one in which the intern does not get any money paid for the work.

Most of the internships are un-paid because its the students mainly who apply for internships and their motive of internship is to gain work experience and not money. But you can find numerous paid internships also. You can apply for one based on your choices. Getting unpaid internship is relatively easy as getting a paid one. Also the HR interview is simple for an unpaid internship and you don’t need much skills for it.


In this section you will get to know the various benefits of internship.


You can do internship in your field of interest and get proper knowledge about you work. It gives a vivid description about the work that you would be doing. You can decide which job profession best suits you. Interns get an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. What can’t be learned in a classroom is learned practically during internship. A student get to know exactly what are his duty and how he has to do them before actually getting a job.


During internship you will meet a lot of new people. Some of the will be other students like you. Some are o expert guides who are professionals of the field. From fellow interns you learn team work, social adjustment which provide experience of working with colleagues prior to your job. Whenever in future you will work in a company this experience will happen you a lot. The feedback from supervisors is really vital.. Embrace the mistakes you make as an intern and the many things that you won’t know. Ask questions, observe, and take risks to get the most out of your internship training experience.


The best players comes from the best coaches. No doubt it’s your skills and knowledge which makes you successful. But, the role of a mentor can never be oversighted. For a better professional career you need better professional guidance. Internships helps you to establish good relationship with the working professionals in your field. These professional will mentor you at every point and time in your life. These professionals can suggest, what is best for you. They can help you find you a job. So, you will get some lifelong professional friends and mentors.


Most of the companies recruit persons who along with good academic records have a strong resume. If you have prior work experience you are more likely to get shortlisted for a job. The projects you complete during an internship will surely impact the HR Manager of the recruitment firm. Also it will help you in an interview as it shows that your answers sincere and honest. When you have completed projects, worked as an intern than you may say recruit me because I had done this and this. It adds reality to your answers. At your interview you’ll be able to tell the hiring manager, “Yes – I can handle that. I did it at my internship.”


Once you are done with internship. Your confidence will automatically improve. Here you apply your learning skills and takes out successful results. This will boast you self confidence and you will be able to cop up with situations at your job also.

6. Goodies, Financial Support and Job Recommendation

If you are excellent at your work during your internship . You may get goodies. If you are doing a paid internship you will get some money which will assist you financially. Also, sometimes you can be recommended for job just after your internship. These are some of the benefits of Internship.

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