Automated Containers Make Organic Farming Convenient

In this blog, let’s look into the technology where the organic fruits and vegetables are grown in a commercial containers. Scientists say this is the future of farming. How is that even possible? Let’s discuss it briefly in this article.

Scientists call it Hydroponic farming. As the name suggests Water is substituted for soil in farming. Solution are added to the water in order to get nutrients for plants. The nutrients added to the water may include nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous, etc. This is not a new technology. It is an ancient technology used in Gardens of Babylon. By understanding this, we can grow more foods with lesser resources.

Benefits of Hydroponic Farming

  1. Maximizes Space
  2. Conserves Water
  3. No climate change problems
  4. Higher Yields
  5. Less Man Power
  6. Needs No Soil
  7. Higher Quality Food
  8. Reduces Supply Chain
  9. Seasonality and Predictability
  10. Faster Growth

Maximizes Space

These plants requires a minimum amount of space than plants grow in soil. With a technique of vertical farming system, we can save up to 99 percent land space. Thus high yield can be produced. One reason for the smaller space is the roots do not have to spread for searching nutrients and moisture. When we use vertical stacking techniques, we can see that how much less space it takes than a traditional one.

Conserves Water

Hydroponic Farming requires water. How can we say that it saves water? It is because growing plants in water actually requires less water than growing plants in soil. This technique consumes 98 % less water than soil plants. Due to water scarcity, this farming becomes a necessary need for human life. Also it could remove food scarcity.

Saves Man Power

There is no need for tilling, weeding, herbicide and insecticide applications. Fewer hours is enough for managing the crops. Hence, it requires less man power. A small farm plant can be managed by a single-part time worker.

High Quality Foods

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, fresher is unmistakably better. Few people happen to live in an area where they can get fresh produce year-round due to climate and soil conditions. So how do we get high-quality food into the hands of the majority of the world’s population, even in the off season?

Food that ripens naturally, on the plant, typically has more nutrients and better taste too. Because hydroponic gardens contain their own microbiomes, these crops can be grown just about anywhere.

Higher Growth Rate

According to the report, hydroponic plants grows 30-50 percent faster than soil grown plants. In soil grown plants, the roots have to search for the nutrients. But here, that is not the case. The required nutrients are ready to absorb. The grower can control light, heat, nutrients, hydration, pests, and all other aspects of the growing process. We can keep control of heat, light, hydration, pests and nutrients. So, scientists say this is the future of agriculture. If you have any doubts, tell us in the comments section, we’ll reply to you as soon as possible. If you find it useful, share to someone who will find it useful.

Source : Eden Green Technology

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