Asus Chromebook Flip C214: a rational bid in the laptop market

Asus make wave in the laptop industry with the launch of chromebook Flip C214 at an affordable price at 23999

The perception around chrome books is that it’s quite affordable, very easy to use and the system runs on chrome os which is very light. The usage of this laptop is focused towards student or light users. The operating system is very light that results in smooth performance in low hardware. As because the hardware requirement is low the price is also for this laptops are also reachable. Asus chromebook flip C214 can become a tablet comes with a stylus and also has two cameras and the price? 23,999.


At first the Asus chromebook c214 may not catch your eyes but I would suggest persist a bit. It comes with 4 gb ram and a intel celeron N4020 processor. And for the os it runs this totally adequate. The 11.6 inch display will be good for them who travel a lot. A smaller display ensures a compact form factor a lighter on weight and good battery power. It has 64 gb of internal storage which honestly is not enough but there a micro sd card slot at your rescue and we recommend to use it to the fullest. You will also have two usb type c port and a full size usb port and a headphone jack. You can connect external hard drives as well. Yeah what stands out the fact that it has two cameras the first one is to use it as a webcam while using it in a laptop mode the second can be used as a primary camera while using it as a tablet mode. It can also be a very good option for students who uses AR apps.

Well Built

The laptop is quite well built. It has a rubberised texture finish on the top. The keyboard is spill resistant and it has rubber footpads. It is not the lightest 11.6 inch laptop out there but when I lift this in the hand it feels lighter than 1.2 kg. This laptop is passed MIL-810 g certification which is a military grade certification that supports toughness.

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