Structured Query Language(SQL)


Full from of SQL – Structured Query Language.

Writing in a structured format is called Structured.

Writing queries in a structured format is called Structured Query.

Structured Query Language – Language with query in a structured format.

What is SQL ?

It is used to access and to manipulate database.

  • It’s used to retrieve the data from the data base.
  • It can insert, delete, update the records in the data base.


Basic Statements Of SQL

  • DDL (Data definition language)
  • DML (Data manipulation language)
  • DCL (Data control language)
  • DRL (Data retrieval language)
  • What is Data definition language (DDL) ?

DDL will create, Alter and drop the data.

Example table statement for Create:

Create Table _ Student table

Id Name

create table student _Table

CTd int, Name varchar (100)

Example table statement for Alter:

Alter Table

Id Name Age

Alter table student _ Table

add column age int

Example table statement for drop:

Drop Table

Id Name Age

drop table student_Table

What is Data manipulation language (DML) ?

List of statements in DML

  • Insert statement
  • Update statement
  • delete statement

Example table statement for Insert query:

Id Name Age

1 Hema 20

Insert into student_Table

(Id, Name, Age )

Values (1, ‘Hema’ , 20)

Example table statement for Updated Query:

Id Name Age

1 Hema 20

2 Thiya 21

Update student _ Table

set age = 20 where id = 1

Example table statement for Delete Query:

Id Name Age

1 Hema 20

2 Thiya 21

delete student _ Table

where id = 2

What is Data control language (DCL) ?

Data granting the statement and revoke the statement is called DCL.

Example table statement for Grant Query:

Grand Query

Id Name Age

1 Hema 20

Grant insert on student _ Table to hema

Example statement for Revoke Query

Revoke Query

Id Name Age

1 Hema 20

Revoke Insert on student _ Table to hema

What is Data retrieval language (DRL) ?

Example statement for Select Query:

Id Name Age

1 Hema 20

select * from

Student _ Table

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