R-Pur is a French company specializing in the design of antipollution masks. This start-up has developed a mask connected to a mobile application that measures air quality. In one year, this innovative product has sold several thousand copies all over the world. Originally designed to protect bikers from exhaust gases, demand has exploded following the COVID-19 epidemic.

The worldwide success of the R-Pur mask

R-Pur was founded in 2016 by Flavien Hello and Matthieu Lecuyer. These young French entrepreneurs studied the anti-pollution mask market before developing innovative protection against fine particles.

The first Nano One model is marketed 2 years after the creation of the company. This is a mask designed for motorcycle riders . This offers a 5-layer filter system, which protects against exhaust gases and other particles dangerous to health. The R-Pur mask is a big hit with bikers around the world. In 2019, Flavien Hello claims that “more than 10,000 masks have been distributed in 41 countries”. A lighter version for cyclists is also available.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, people around the world have been buying masks to avoid contamination. R-Pur exports its products to South Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan… The connected mask is also very successful in the United States. In a few weeks, the sales of the French start-up increased by 30% . The Nano One model, moreover, is out of stock.

A connected protective mask

Each Nano One mask has a unique QR code that allows you to connect to a mobile application . The R-PUR app assesses air quality in real time. The user can know the amount of dust and harmful particles in the air depending on their location. This application takes into account all the data collected around the world on air pollution, making it a reliable tool. The user can also monitor the life of the filter, in relation to the number of kilometers he has traveled and the air pollution on his journey.

Good protection against the coronavirus?

R-Pur talks about a unique solution in the world against nanoparticles. But is this innovative filter system effective in protecting against COVID-19? R-Pur masks have 5 layers including a water-repellent layer, 2 superimposed nanoparticle filters, activated carbon filtration that protects against odors and shape memory layer. The R-Pur mask filters approximately 99.98 of the ambient air. 

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