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In the era of digitalization and modernization, humans are getting more biased towards technology. From our day to day needs to extraordinary works everything is done with ease with the help of digital techniques.


Out of all the fields, Education system is one that has been vigorously affected by the development of technology. With the help of modern digital facilities, it is simple and easy to manage the data and perform various tasks. Such as keeping students and teachers information, taking attendance, maintaining financial records, online assignments, solving students doubts even when they are their homes etc.

It also makes the communication stronger.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 characteristics of a highly effective school management software.

  1. 1.Information storage and access

The software should keep all the information about the school. It should have an introduction part at the interface which gives a general view about the school.

This must also include a search panel option from where information of every individual of the school that is students, teachers and other staff can be accessed.

2.Attendance Management

The software must have attendance management system. To mark attendance on pages and keep them safely is very hard and chances of errors and much.

Also, it requires teacher to spend a small chunk of time.

With the help of software, the teacher can mark the attendance accurately and even can share the details to principal and parents. Setting time bounds will constrain teacher to enter the class on time.

3. Homework

With this module, daily classroom homework assignments become easily available to students 24 hours a day.

It also contains the date when it was assigned and when it should be submitted.

In addition to these, teachers can also modify homework assignments and projects as per the requirements.

4.Smart Transportation

     School transportation management facility should be there. With this, you can track school buses. With known exact location of the bus the student can get ready for school on time.

It will save the student time and neither he need not to wait for the bus nor the driver needs to blow horns.

It also ensures student safety by making sure whether a student is present on the bus or not and later submits the report to their parents.

5.   Fee Tracking and Online Payment

Managing receipts and incoming payments, preparing bills, tracking several types of fees before applying them to the right student etc can be time-consuming and difficult without proper software to handle the functions.

A simple way to manage and deliver payments, charge fees and prepare bills is by using Smart Cards for payment system. It is easy and convenient to use.

Online billing helps schools to allow credit card payments and parents can pay their child’s school fees at home easily. It will make the whole process of fee payment hassle-free for parents and the school.

6. Effective Communication Facilities

Student success depends on the effectiveness of communication among parents, schools and teachers. School management systems have portal, which are capable enough to facilitate the communication process by sending text, voice messages and e-mails to a predefined set of parents and the whole school. Thereby lessening the time invested by the school administrators in making phone calls or leaving messages to parents.

7.Individual Student Portal

Most difficult work for any school, is to identify the students potential and assign tasks to him accordingly.

Every student has a different level of understanding and have unique qualities. This software must have an individual portal such that assignments and other tasks should get assigned to students according to their potential.

 8.Report Card

      A Report Card represents a student’s hard work throughout the year, and it is the most anticipated thing in an academic year. The teachers and the school administration find it time-consuming. It can help teachers and school authorities to streamline the process of generating report cards using an interactive database. With the already available information about a student’s class performance, attendance and exam results, the database completes the report card automatically.

9.Parent Portal

Being part of your child’s school activities and stay connected with their academic progress can be a difficult thing in this busy world.

Now it’s easy for parents to avail updates about their child’s academic activities through parent portals and school apps.

It helps parents to be with their child and teachers the whole day.

Benefits of Parent Control Portal

• It helps parents to actively participate in their children’s educational activities.
•up-to-date information regarding PTA meeting, grades, assignments etc.
•Provides great relief to teachers by providing students’ attendance report and progress cards to parents without any delay
•The feature of a direct line of communication to teachers helps students and parents to contact teachers to solve any doubts, questions, comments or suggestions.

10.User Friendly U I

For a successful execution of any software, it needs to have an easy to use and well- designed user interface.

It should be designed in a way so that a person with least computer knowledge should also be able to access the system.

The software must also be customizable as per school requirements.

These are some of the characteristics of highly effective school management software.

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